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As one of the leading companies in terms of technology and quality, which is aware of its responsibilities towards environment, human health and society in production, believes in continuous development and gives high priority to quality in products and services, we undertake to:
• Minimize the pollution and harm to the environment by keeping the factors that may cause pollution of environment;
• Improve OHSAS Management System continuously to prevent injuries and health impairments;
• Minimize the negative effects to the environment and occupational accident risks by using the best technologies available during our activities;
• Fulfill the requirements that bind us and observe the regulations of Environment-Occupational Health Safety and the requirements of organization that we have membership;

• Increase awareness of our employees, suppliers and society sharing the activities made in order to create Environment and OHSAS consciousness within the framework of regulations and give training as per the needs;
• Minimize the waste at its source, reuse and recycle the waste for the purpose of preventing environment pollution;
• Take precautions at source and minimize the risks to decrease the number of occupational accidents;
• Ensure traceability by holding regular meetings in order to review application of OHSAS and Environment Management System periodically after determining the targets; and
• Ensure a human oriented and environment-friendly product quality and implement activities to prevent unnecessary use of resources.

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