TERMODINAMIK was established in 1992.

Starting its business activity with production of a thousand of 20-40 kW boilers, TERMODINAMIK currently produces above 13.000 units annually in the capacity range of 20-2000 kW in its 22.000m² production facilities located in Izmir, Turkey.

TERMODINAMIK provides practical solutions to customers with various types of individual and central heating systems with manual and automatic fuel load such as biomass and solid fuels (pellets, wood, coal, briquetted biofuel,olive pomace), liquid fuels (natural gas, diesel etc.), electric boilers and storage water heaters, instant natural gas and LPG water heaters, accumulation tanks.

In 2011 upon the 3rd EU Quality Summit organized in Turkey in 2011, TERMODINAMIK was granted with the EU Quality Award of the European Consumer’s Academy for quality and innovation implementations of goods and services complying with EU norms.

In 2012 during the 25th International Consumer Summit in Turkey,the quality of TERMODINAMIK’s products was repeatedly graced with the international award.

Starting from 2014 TERMODINAMIK places efforts to ease collaboration with its distributors and partners establishing logistics warehouses throughout Turkey. Thus, by the end of 2017 three warehouses were erected to serve Northern and Central parts of the country. Two warehouses, both for Eastern and Southern regions of Turkey, as well as the 1st logistics center in the Eastern Europe will be opened in 2018.

In February 2017, R&D Department of TERMODINAMIK was qualified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey as the R&D CENTER.TERMODINAMIK became the first biomass and solid fuel boiler producer, one of 4 companies in Turkish HVAC sector as well as one of 900 companies in various sectors of Turkish Economy with state-approved R&D Center.

Producing heating equipment which responds to the requirements of CE, EAC, TSE and UKR-SEPRO standards, TERMODINAMIK exports to over 21 countries from Central Asia to America, from Europe to Middle East and from Balkans to North Africa.

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