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  • Capacity (kW): 24 kW

  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas

  • Supply Pressure (mBar): 20 mBar

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Performance Unit Termodens 24 PCH
Gas type   Natural gas
Rated Heat Load(80°C/60°C) mBar 20
Rated Heat Load (80°C/60°C) kW 26,2
Rated Heat Power(80°C/60°C) kW 24,3
Partial Heat Load (50°C/30°C) kW 6,57
Partial Heat Power (50°C/30°C) kW 6,50
Efficiency (80°C/60°C) % 98
Efficiency (50°C/60°C) % 109
Heating Temperature Range °C 35-80
Domestic Water Temperature Range °C 35-60
Heating System Pressure Range Bar 1~3
Recommended Operating Pressure Bar 1~1,5
Operating Water Circuit Operating Bar 0,3~6
Expansion Tank Volume l 7
Nominal Water Capacity l/min 13,76
Gas Input   G 3/4"
Heating Return Water Inlet and Outlet   G 3/4"
Domestic Water Input and Output   G 1/2"
Chimney Diameter mm Ø100 / Ø60
Power source V / Hz 220 ~ 50
NOx Class   5

Fuel and air pre-mixed at the ideal rate so that all of the fuel is combusted by performing complete combustion and thanks to the superior condensation technology, yield reaches the highest value.


* Premiks full condensing combi boiler with low flame length, minimizes harmful flue emissions.

* High efficiency (109%) with steel heat exchanger and superior condensation technology.

* Hermetic model.

* Overheating protection.

* NTC controlled temperature control.

* Due to the Venturi mixing of air and gas in the appropriate rate, high combustion efficiency, and gas saving.

* Energy saving with frequency controlled circulation pump.

* 3-way valve and pump antiblock protection.

* Low and high water pressure safety valves.

* LCD display that shows operation and fault status. Ergonomic and stylish design.

* Constant temperature water supply and long life with stainless steel plate heat exchanger.

* Safety ignition system, ionization controlled flame control.

* Environment friendly with low emission rates.

* Safety system against siphon blockage.

* Optimization of combustion with online flue temperature measurement.

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